Welcome to APAC Android TV Summit in Bangkok, Thailand!

We would like to thank you for attending APAC Android TV summit on November 12-14, 2019 at The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand.  On behalf of Android TV, it is a pleasure to supporting you in this event.


On this page, you will find all information related to the partner booths. Via the registration link, you can reserve the booth space and basic equipment. In case you have any questions please contact us at We are happy to assist you!


To request a special design for the booth, please contact BIC Event as an official contractor. Be aware that all customize booths must be designed and built by them.

The booth design will only be permitted with prior approval by Android TV. The contractor reserves the right to request exhibitors to alter the design of their booths if the assembling and/or design cause any obstruction to other exhibitors

20th September - 20th October 2019
  • Partner booth form registration

  • Logo / Artwork upload

1st November 2019

  • Booth location announcement


14th November 2019

  • 07.00 - 09.30 hrs.  Booth setup

  • 10.00 - 14.00 hrs.  Booth display

  • 16.00 - 18.00 hrs. Booth dismantle 

*Date and time are subject to change.

This is the partner booth setup that APAC Android TV summit provides for all partners.
The detail is the following;
  • 3x3 m area space per booth

  • Booth backdrop size 1.2x2.4 m.

  • 2 high chairs

  • High table

  • Corporate Logo to be printed and place instead of "androidtv" logo in the perspective.

  • Plasma TV (On request with additional cost)

>>Download the Exhibition Manual<<



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